First single released from Soldjasquad BC.. Motivational track for everyone. Soldjasquad Entertainment 2016


Im bout my bread (x4)
Is you the feds
cuz you be talking on them phones you know they watching
They want me dead
shot up in a coffin or locked up with no options
So i stick and move like im boxing they cant stop me call me rocky

Forgive me lord
I heard them haters still doubting me

Forgive me lord
Im motivated aint no stopping me

Forgive me lord
I know sometimes i aint living right

Forgive me lord
But im bout to blow like dynomite

(Verse 1)

They plotting to get me im toating the semi
I know they envy im killing em soft

Im clockn these digits yo pockets on midget
My weed is expsensive im high as the stars

illusinating seeing the devil & all
I promise i ball carry the rock like a gaurd
Stick & move like on rocky 6 & i never die like steven seagal

They cant stop me they cant hold me im a show em who i is

Get dis money fuck dem haters shit i been like this for years (its no secret)

I aint gotta brag nomore,(why)
i done put in work for this struggle

I knew the consequences of being real nigga is saying fuck friends stick to ya hustle

I know he said he a ride for you dog but when its drama time he a crumble

& when that bag in instead of grinding wit ya he pocket watching on the low low

he a blow his bag like a custo,then fall in love wit a busto

Start pillow talkn like im a off dat nigga cuz she blowing on em like a trumbone

Dats why im bout my bread

(Bridge 2)
Stick & move (x2) jab jab (x2)
Im off the ropes (x4)

(verse 2)
So what u telling me is if i speak my mind they gone shoot me down like they did pac

If i put a rag on my head like Soldja slim will they shoot me down in my front yard

Gotta concentrate on my every move cuz they playing chess with life

Divide & conquer

No concentrate when im sipping booze
Tryna block the demons & washout the monsters

Where was you at when we was low & broke stomach touching close to starvin

We patiently waited while yall ate & we grinded yall aint give us nothing

Now getting to the money is the only option
Im talking cheese on my plate like italian pasta

Buisness is buisness & digit is digits give a fuck about bitches ill marry my pros

I remember she doubtd me now i whip up on my ex in a maserati or ghost
u know how it go

I hang with shooters u know how it go

Shoutout to my ogs for teaching me the ropes

It take money to make money, thats all that i know

Don't trust no nigga don't trust no hoe

Squad over everthing you know how it go im bout my bread